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Neck And Shoulder Massage:

For many people, the neck and shoulders are common areas of soreness and tension.Working at a desk or a computer all day helps to create such problems.To have this pain eased away can be a source of great pleasure.

Massage Steps:

  1. 1.Position yourself at your partners head, with them lying on their back.Oil the front of the body, starting with hands on their upper chest, then move down over the breastbone, out around the ribcage, and back up the sides of the body to the starting position.Place hands on the upper chest, fingers pointing toward each other and press down, gliding the hands out toward the top of the arm.
  2. Cradle the head in one hand and turn it slightly toward the right.With the other hand, glide firmly out from the center of the chest to the top of the arm, back along the top of the shoulder, and up the back of the neck to the base of the skull.
  3. Make little circles along the back of the neck to release tension, then continue down the side of the neck to the chest.Stroke firmly down the side of the neck and out along the top of the shoulder, stretching the neck muscles.
  4. Turn the head back to the center with both hands supporting the head under the neck, and pull gently to stretch out the neck muscles.
  5. Turn the head to the opposite side and repeat the sequence for the other shoulder.Return the head to the center and pull gently.Make small, overlapping, circular movements up the back of the neck to the skull and then stroke up the back of the head and off.Gently lower the head.