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Arms And Hand Massage:

Our arms and hands are used constantly throughout the day, and are required for our greatest expressions of emotion- from angry outbursts to tender caresses.An arm and hand massage can release tension and relax us, improving our snese of well-being.

Massage Steps:
1.Starting at the wrist, oil the arm and top of the shoulder, making contact with the whole of the arm.Sandwich the shoulder between both hands and glide hands outward and down the arm.
2. Lift the forearm with one hand.With the other, drain from the wrist up along the forearm.
3. Lift the whole of the arm and, keeping the upper arm at a right angle to the body, let the hand flop.Grasp the elbow with hands and squeeze downward along the upper arm toward the shoulder joint(rather like squeezing toothpaste).Place arm back at the side of the body.
4. Starting at the top of the arm squeeze gently between the hands, making a spreading motion with the flattened thumb.Continue down the arm to the wrist, pausing at the elbow to work into the joint, using friction strokes.
5. Using both hands, wring up the arm, starting at the wrist and working all the way up to the shoulder.
6. Stroke the arm from the shoulder down to the hand using light, feathering strokes.
7. Remain in position to finish the sequence by working on your partner's hand.

Massage Tip:

While working on the limbs, make sure they are as relaxed as possible.If you notice that your partner is "holding on" ask them gently to let the limb go.

Massage Steps:
1.Sandwich your partners hand between your own for a few seconds.Using your thumbs, massage the palm of the hand.
2. Massage the back of the hand, working in between the bones to help release any tension.Do not press too hard.
3. Massage each ofthe fingers and the thumb in turn, squeezing, rotating, and pulling them gently.
4. Using light strokes, draw your hands down your partner's arm, down the hand, and off at the fingertips.This finishes the hand massage.
5. Move round to the opposite side of your partner.Now repeat every stage of the arm and hand sequence for this side of the body.

Massage Tip:

Find a comfortable position for working on your partners hand.You may find it best to rest the hand on your leg, if you are seated alongside.