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How to Get the Best Cleansing Diet in Simple Steps

A cleansing diet will greatly enhance any body cleanse or colon cleanse. But, with the hundreds of cleansing programs out there, how do you know which cleansing diet will work for you? Also, which diet will go along with the cleansing program you choose? Although there are variations, the cleansing diet has certain rules. These are designed to help your body digest food quickly while also helping to eliminate built up waste. At the same time, you need good nutrition to keep your energy levels up and to stay healthy. A good cleansing diet will work with most people and cleansing supplement programs.

Here are some of the main tips that all cleansing diets have in common. If you follow these rules, you can make the cleansing diet that will work for you. 1 - Cut out all junk foods. Junk foods include the usual suspects such as fast food from restaurants; hamburgers, hot dogs, fried foods, foods made with white flour, sodas, and just about any processed foods. These mainly contain "empty calories" that do not contribute to your health. Instead, they contribute to body fat.

At the same time, the chemicals used to preserve these foods are what you are trying to cleanse out of your system. Your body and your colon cannot cleanse if you continue eating these foods. 2 - Eat mainly whole, fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. Making all of your meals 50% or more of fresh fruits and vegetables will help your body cleanse. Fruits and vegetables are easier to digest. This takes the burden off of your cleansing organs, and gives you more energy.

This will allow your body to get rid of waste more easily, that may be built up in your intestines. 3 - Cut out milk products for now. These include milk, cream, ice cream, and dressing made with milk - including buttermilk. These types of foods can create excess mucus in your body, which can contribute to build up.

Again, this is something that you are trying to cleanse out. 4 - Stop drinking coffee for now. Replace this with green tea. Green tea helps your body cleanse. It supplies antioxidants to fight toxins that may be dislodged so they can leave while cleansing. In addition, green tea makes you less hungry and helps your body shed belly fat.

All of these benefits greatly enhance any cleanse. 5 - Eat less breads, starches and grains. The less you eat, the faster your body will cleanse. The more of these you eat, the slower your body will cleanse. So pay attention, and if you include these in your diet, be sure to have only one portion in the right size.

A serving is usually one cup or if it is bread, one slice. The best of these types of foods for cleansing will be ones that do not contain gluten including quinoa, basmati rice and legumes. These are easier on your digestion, which is better for cleansing your body or your colon. 6 - If you eat red meat - eat only organic, grass-fed products. These are higher in a substance called CLA, which helps protect your body from certain diseases, including heart disease, because it is an Omega 3.

CLA also helps you get rid of body fat and helps combat cancer. Grass fed meats will more likely be non-irradiated, hormone-free and antibiotic-free. In addition, the farms that raise these types of animals work harder to keep our environment clean. Be sure your portion is no larger than the size of your palm. Your body will digest a small portion each time you eat.

While you are cleansing, you may want to eat a little less meat than normal or stop it altogether, temporarily. 7 - Eat smaller meals throughout the day. Your body can then break the food down quicker and digest it easier. Once the food is digested, your body can get back to cleansing itself. Also, when food is easily digested, any cleansing supplements you take will work better. Try eating three to five light meals per day.

8 - Take your cleansing supplements before you eat in the morning and about 1 ½ hours after your last meal at night. This can help you feel full so you don't overeat. These supplements also work better when your stomach isn't full.

By following these simple rules, you can create a cleansing diet that will work for you. Eat sensible and remember that a cleanse is a temporary thing, not to be done forever. Your cleansing program should last no more than four to six weeks. After your cleanse, start or go back to a healthy eating program.

Learn more about how to cleanse and a colon cleanse before you start any program at springclean-cleanse.com

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