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Cause of kidney stones

Is someone in your family suffering from kidney stones? Kidney stones is not something you can see, and you can??t see the pain it causes to your dear one either. Would you like to know the causes of kidney stones? The following are some causes of kidney stones.

You might be surprised to learn that if one of your parents has had kidney stones, the chances of you getting it are very high. Kidney stones are hereditary, and can be passed on through generations.

One of the causes of kidney stones is calcium and hypercalciuria (high level of calcium in the urine).

Predisposition in high level of calcium in the urine may be a hereditary factor, and puts you in higher risk of kidney stones. People suffering with hereditary tubular acidosis, cystine (an amino acid) oxalate (a type of salt), and uric acid (as in gout) are more at risk of kidney stones.

Another cause of kidney stones is geographical location.

For example, people from the southern United States have an increased risk for kidney stones. There is what is called ??stone belts?? with people living in those areas suffering from kidney stones. The warm climate causes people to dehydrate more easily, and because of this dehydration the urine can become concentrated and lead to the formation of the nidus of the stone.

Diet in itself is not a cause of kidney stones, but if someone is already prone to stone formations, foods that have high calcium contents would increase the risks of kidney stones formation.

If it??s your case, you should avoid high calcium food.

People who don??t have a history of hereditary kidney stones, don??t necessarily need to worry about their diet in this regard, buy people with a history of hereditary kidney stones should be on a proper diet that would not encourage kidney stones growth.

Intake of OTC products can increase the risks of kidney stones. People taking water-pills or diuretics on a regular basis, as well as high amounts of antacids that contain calcium, increase the calcium content in their urine, and may increase the risks of forming stones.

Patients with HIV taking the medication indinavir (Crixivan) have a risk of forming indinavir stones.

Understanding the root of the problem can resolve the problem itself. Knowing the causes of kidney stones can help you to take preventive measures, so that kidney stones do not ever become a problem. Prevention is better than cure.

Like any bodily ailments, the presence of kidney stones in the system has a lot to do with the way we eat, and the way we live. However, healthy food with an excess in calcium may create serious problems.

The root cause of kidney stones is the strong build up or overabundance of calcium in our body. It is very important to understand what your body wants, and needs.

Take steps to correct your diet, and reduce your chances of getting into the painful disease of kidney stones.


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Cause of kidney stones - Is someone in your family suffering from kidney stones? Kidney stones is not something you can see, and you can??t see the pain it causes to your dear one either.