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Fears Concerning Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is not a normal pregnancy. In ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg does not implant in the uterus, but in the outside tissues. In most cases, it implants in the fallopian tube.

Chances of ectopic pregnancy increases with age, fallopian tube surgery, or pelvic inflammatory disease, however a vaginal ultrasound and scan or ELISA (urinary test) can successfully diagnose it.

Although, ectopic pregnancy needs immediate medical attention, death is rare, since early detection in first trimester of the pregnancy period is possible for it. After detection, treatment can be done with injection methotrexate, or laprosopic or laprotomy surgery.

Monitoring Symptoms

Woman with an ectopic pregnancy at times have abdominal or pelvic pain, dizziness, low blood pressure, and vaginal bleeding. Hormones levels need to be checked, if you suspect an ectopic pregnancy.

The hormone HCG is higher in a normal pregnancy than an ectopic pregnancy. However, the progesterone hormone tends to be lower.

To monitor the hormone levels, doctors ask the patients to get their blood tests done on a daily basis for a few days. To check internal bleeding an ultrasound is also advised by the doctors.


Mostly, ectopic pregnancy is treated without any permanent damage, but sometimes in advanced pregnancies, it may rupture. Then doctors perform surgery. Surgery can be done using laprotomy (open surgery) or laproscopy (pin hole surgery), depending on the size of the ectopic pregnancy.

Earlier, doctors used to remove the entire fallopian tube while removing ectopic pregnancy, now only a part of the fallopian tube is removed.


Ectopic pregnancy can surely be treated, but there is no known way to prevent it. One can decrease the risk by using condoms or getting pelvis area checked in case of any urinary tract infection. Yearly medical examinations are necessary, if you use an IUD.

Any infection during pregnancy can be quite troubling for the mother as well for the child.

Ectopic pregnancy should be detected and removed as early as the first trimester when you are experiencing your first signs of pregnancy. Ignoring the symptoms of pregnancy week by week can lead to trouble in the later stages. Remember to get a thorough medical checkup done in the first few weeks of your pregnancy itself.

Be informed, keep safe, and enjoy your journey to motherhood.


About the Author (text)Consult your doctor to confirm you pregnancy when you start to experience the early signs of pregnancy. For more information visit http://www.pregnancy-weekbyweek.info

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