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Colon Cleansing and Colon Cancer

The Colon Cleansing and Sex Connection There are dozens of amazing benefits of an effective colon cleansing routine, but you may have never thought of the potential benefits in can give you in an unexpected spot ? the bedroom. If you aren't feeling up to par, you might be turned off in the bedroom. It's tough to feel like being with your lover if you feel constipated, lethargic, or sick to your stomach or you feel embarrassed about gas, bad breath, or pot belly. If you deal with any one of these you may need a good colon cleansing. If you are flushed of all your toxins and all the extra weight that goes with them, you are going to feel healthier, and with that feeling comes revitalization over your entire body, which includes your sex life.

One of the first things to overcome with a good colon cleansing is constipation, one of the biggest hurdles to feeling comfortable in the bedroom. When you're not experiencing normal bowel movements (about one movement per meal), you will get a build-up of toxins and waste, which will go back into your bloodstream and knock all of your systems into a loop. Your will work to fight the toxins so hard that other functions aren't able to be performed. You may then experience a slow immune system, imbalanced hormones and a depressed sex drive.

Each and every day there are more than four million people who are constipated. And because of the negative effects that fecal matter in the colon and pollutants in the body cause, we all need to periodically cleanse our colon to assist the colon in removing the built up fecal matter it was not able to remove on its own. The lack of nutrients that we get in our western diet and the over-toxic food that we eat causes serious problems in the body. That's why colon cleansing is so important in optimal health. But how do you know if you are really constipated? One of the definitions is to have two or less bowel movements in a week. The second definition is if you have to strain, or have incomplete bowel movements 25% of the time.

Another sign is what you see in the toilet when you do try to go. If you have black, pebble-like stool, or thin pencil-sized stools, you're constipated. Then there is the problem of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which many people find great relief from when they clean their colon. People with irritable bowl syndrome have more than four times the risk of sexual health problems. It is seen that the worse the irritable bowl syndrome, the lower the sex drive. So what do you do to eliminate all of those problems and regain a healthy sex life? You need to get rid of all of that waste that sits inside you colon.

There could be as much as 25 pounds of waste inside you just rotting and causing your body problems! Once you get rid of that you will instantly feel better. You will feel rejuvenated when you cleanse your body of those toxins and all of the poisons that leek into your blood. You will have renewed vigor without all of that waste in your body and that will give you the energy to point in another direction - towards your lover.

You will be able to feel comfortable with your own body, you won't have any embarrassment of bad gas, bloating, bad breath, or pot belly, and because of that you will be comfortable in the bedroom. It's another great benefit of colon cleansing that you may not have expected. That's why you should look into colon cleansing.

It's something that just may surprise you with how much it really does.

Tony and Crissy Obey is author of this article on Free Online Colon Cleansing Club. Find more information about colon cleansing here.

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