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Assisting Your Bodys Natural Detox System

Your body has a natural detox system that works through the liver, kidneys and lower gastrointestinal tract. It is important to understand that just as our external body parts and sensory organs help us perform our daily routine work, the internal organs perform many complex functions vital for our survival. Apart from the respiratory system of lungs and the circulatory system of the heart the most basic function of our internal organs is to produce energy by digesting food and taking in the nutrients. In a perfect world our bodies would work to detoxify and cleanse the body of all the impurities we are exposed to. But in the real world we are constantly exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals daily. We come in contact with these toxins and chemicals where we work, in our homes, in the air we breathe and through our food and water supply.

In addition to these coincidental exposures, our diets include more processed foods, sugars and non-healthy fats than ever before. These causes along with others such as illness, disease, alcohol, tobacco, drugs (prescriptions and or illegal), and even overeating, can cause the body to struggle or become sluggish and unable to detoxify and cleanse itself. I Eat Well and Exercise Daily.Do I Still Have to Worry About Toxins? Research and studies have pointed out that even without the slow down of our natural body detoxification functions, our bodies simply are not capable of performing the natural detox process and eliminating the variety of toxins and chemicals that are ingested on a daily basis. Over a period of time these toxins accumulate in our body's cells (especially in fat cells), blood and tissues, organs (colon, liver and brain) and remain stored in the body for an indefinite length of time.

Without performing a whole body cleansing, these toxins eventually bringing all kinds of health issues as time goes by. Methods of Detoxification More people are aware of body detoxification procedures in today's world, because of modern medicine's link between colon health and overall health. There is a belief that many common complaints like fatigue, gas, bloating, constipation, headaches, indigestion and weight gain are due in large part to a build up of toxin-filled fecal matter that builds in the colon over time. But the need for body cleansing goes beyond cleansing the colon. The whole body needs to be addressed with special attention to the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and the colon too. Attempts for body detoxification are often made through means like the modification of diet, the use of herbs or teas and more radical methods like colon hydrotherapy, juice fasting and sweat lodges.

In certain extreme cases artificial detox techniques such as dialysis are used to cleanse and detoxify the body of dangerous toxins. Some of these methods stray far away from the body's natural detox process, don't provide the necessary nutrients needed to keep your organs in optimal health and some methods may even end up causing more damage to your body than it does good. Finding a Healthy Detox System Before deciding on a method of body cleansing, it's important to have an understanding of the organs involved in the body's natural detox process; the liver, kidneys, pancreas and colon.

Not only how they work to detoxify the body but more importantly the necessary steps you will need to take to assure the health of these vital organs during your detox. I suggest finding a plan developed by a reputable medical professional or a body detoxification expert to insure a healthy experience. Choose a method that will address the whole body in the detox process, will jump start your body's natural detox system, and will address the nutritional well-being of your whole body and the health of your vital organs.

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