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All You Need to Know About Mobile C Arms

Mobile C Arms express a technology that is widely used throughout the country in hospitals. Mobile C Arms, which are also called fluoroscopes or x-ray image intensifiers, take x-ray images and use them to produce live feeds that are then projected onto screens.
Mobile C Arms have been used with growing frequency in the medical field since they were released in 1955.

Generally speaking, there are two different ways that C Arms can be used. C Arms can be used as fixed pieces of equipment that are kept in various, dedicated screening rooms. The other way is the more diverse mobile model that is typically used in theatres for lectures.

Fixed C Arms are used in the majority of hospitals for many different reasons. Some common situations that might require the use of a C Arm are barium studies, angiography studies, fertility studies, cardiac studies, therapeutic studies, and endoscopy studies.

Mobile C Arms are smaller than the fixed version so that they are easier to move between various locations. As time goes on and the technology improves, mobile C Arms become more powerful and more condensed.

Mobile C Arms are typically used in hospitals for orthopedic imaging in theatre, therapeutic procedures in theatre, endovascular imaging in theatre, and neurological imaging in theatre.

While all of this sounds helpful for the medical field, its important to understand the attractiveness of the C Arm to patients.

The popularity of mobile C Arms has a lot to do with the accuracy that the machines display in their readings. Additionally, fixed and mobile C Arms help to minimize invasiveness during various procedures and reduce discomfort.

As far as healthcare and finances are concerned, fixed and mobile C Arms help to reduce the costs of outpatient care in hospitals.

The versatility of mobile C Arms is also something that attracts the medical field; these machines can be used during spinal, orthopedic and general surgeries as well as with neurovascular, urology, vascular, and cardiac applications.

While physicians understandably appreciate the precise and instant information that mobile C Arms give, lab technicians find the ease of use particularly helpful and attractive.

Since the invention of the C Arm in the 1950s the technology has continued to grow and improve. The abundant benefits that the mobile C Arm provides to hospitals around the country speak for themselves: this technology has greatly improved the medical field.


About the Author (text)Wendy Moyer works as an independent writer and author. Further information on C-Arms can be found on the website of Ziehm Imaging. Ziehm Imaging offers a wide variety of models of mobile C Arms to the medical field (http://www.ziehmimaging.net).

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