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Massage Contradictions:

In general, massage is an extremely safe form of therapy; however, there are some situations where massage should be avoided.

Avoid Massage Therapy Under The Following Circumstances:
1.AIDS(where there are cuts or lesions)
2.Areas of local infection(e.g. shingles, ringworm, athlete's foot).
3.Bruising (never work directly over a bruised area).
4.Eczema (weeping).
5.Fever or high temperatures.
6.Full stomach-always allow at least an hour between eating a meal and receiving massage.
7.Heart conditions.
8.Menstruation (some schools suggest no massage during the first two days). In practice be much, much gentler over the abdomen.
10.Open cuts and sores.
11.Pregnancy (some schools suggest no massage during the first three months). In practice just be much, much gentler on the lower back and avoid the abdominal area.
12.Recent major operation.
13.Recent scar tissue.
14.Swelling or inflammation.
15.Thrombosis or phlebitis (painful clot in vein).
16.Tumors, or undiagnosed swellings.
17.Varicose veins- especially when the veins are painful or swollen.